Every country has its own dating culture. Each of them is unique and it has its things which make it not to look alike like many other cultures. One of such countries with its special dating culture in Georgia.

Traditions and customs are very important here. So everybody in this country respects them. It goes about the culture of dating too.

Men from Georgia like to give different compliments to the women they are dating. And women like to receive them. It makes them feel that it is real. In most cases, men want to demonstrate their feelings using good words.

They can even start their meetings with a compliment. For example, it is easy to meet someone in Tbilisi just coming and saying some pleasant words about the style of that person. It is a normal way of starting the conversation and a lot of foreign men use this strategy to get to know women from Georgia better.

Georgian Dating Customs

Customs and traditions mean a lot to Georgian people. It is important to appreciate them and that is why everyone here knows all the important things about them. The traditions they have now were created by their parents, grandparents and so on. People respect traditions and customs as they are quite important to them.

If we are talking about dating customs, there are a lot of them now. For example one of the most important is the custom of living with parents. It is a well-known fact that men and women in this country live with their parents for so long time. They can leave their homes only after getting married. Later they have their own house. But in a lot of cases parents live with them. It is normal for people from Georgia to live with their parents. It is one of the customs so they need to appreciate it.

Also one of the dating customs is parent meeting. When you are invited to meet parents, you can be ready that there should be other relatives. A lot of members of the family can join this meeting. So it is normal that there can be aunts, aunts, cousins and so on. It is because of the hospitality. Georgians are very hospitable people and they always want you to feel good and comfortable while being guests in their home.

Georgian Women

Georgian women are among the sweetest and affecting in all Eurasia.

Let`s start with their appearance. It is one of the reasons why men are interested in Georgian women. They look beautiful. They look hot. A lot of men say that they look like exotic Ukrainian girls. These girls have similar features and body types to Slavic women. Georgian girls have darker hair and skin. They look gorgeous and that is a fact.

Women here have much common with the Western ladies when we are talking about attracting women.

One of the most important facts for foreigners – girls in Georgia know English. Yes, you can not be afraid to start a conversation in this language. Over 90 % of the girls you meet in Tbilisi will be able to speak an almost fluent level of English. 

Girls here listen to their parents and do everything they say to do. Their family does all they can to ensure that their daughter is not losing her dignity. She can`t bring any kind of shame to her family. She appreciates not only traditions and customs. She respects the thoughts and rules of her family. The majority of families in Georgia are sure in their opinion that women must be virgins until marriage. That is the reason why the relationship is very important for girls. They do it not for having sex. They do it to create their own families to be happy.

Georgian women look at dating and relationships very seriously. So most of them date not for fun or something like that.

Georgian Dating Rules

In Georgia, men want to pay for you everywhere. If you are asked to go somewhere to have a date, it automatically means that he will pay for you. He will pay even for your taxi back home and so on.  It is because they know that they should take care of their dates and treat them.

There is one cultural rule. It tells that a woman should be a virgin when she gets married. And lots of girls in Georgia are keeping on having this rule in their life. It is very important for them so do not be surprised when she will say no for your proposal about continuing your night with him.

Also as all the young people live with their parents, it is quite normal when they receive messages for them. You can be on a date and she may receive a message from her mom to be home by 11 pm. That means that you will not have something more than just a date.

You need to know that sometimes fathers, brothers, and cousins will not approve of their girl dating someone. Especially if the boy is from another country. They can`t even explain this act, they will just give you no chances to communicate with the girl from their family. And that is quite normal.

Georgian Dating Etiquette

Girls from Georgia know how to act and what to do in different situations. They are known to be polite ad to take care of their men. They have their own rules about how to talk and how to do something. 

In most cases, they listen to what their parents will say. It is very important for them. If her dad said that she can not come back home late, it means that she must come early home.

They like having dates but they know how they can`t act while dating. 

It is very often when men propose something like one nightstand. It happens quite rarely, but that can happen. Be ready to have a negative answer to this proposal. Girls do not like one nightstand.

It usually happens that girls come for a date with their friends. It is a normal activity here. They come together because it helps a lot to understand what the guy she is dating expects from her. Sometimes these friends are the reasons why men can`t propose for the girl to go somewhere to continue their date.


Georgian women can be wonderful wives for men who want to have perfect families. There are a lot of traditions and customs in this country.  A lot of rules can seem strange for you. But here it is normal. People from Georgia respect them so much and if you want to have a relationship with a person from Georgia, you need to understand them. You need to know these dating traditions to have a really good relationship with having no problems. It is very important for people who live in Georgia and they will like you if you like them and their traditions.